The Proven Power of Glycolic Acid

Cane+Austin advanced skincare products are formulated with a unique Glycolic Acid derived from sugar cane. A revelation in at-home skincare, it goes deeper to exfoliate, hydrate and reduce signs of aging for healthy, younger-looking skin.

The Expert Behind Cane and Austin

Dr. Austin is a board-certified dermatopathologist and Associate Clinical Professor at Mt. Sinai Medical School. With 20 years of experience treating a variety of skin types and conditions, he is a leading expert on the superior benefits of Sugar Cane Glycolic Acid. He created Cane+Austin as a way to share his unique skin secret with the world, so that people everywhere can have the healthy, beautiful skin they deserve.

“Glycolic Acid has made a measurable difference in the skin and well-being of my patients. It is the most effective skincare ingredient available.”

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