Glycolic Acid Side Effects

Everyone’s talking about alpha-hydroxy products. There are commercials on television, videos on the web and product with massive advertising budgets. While many people hear these advertising claims, they don’t know what glycolic acid is and if there is any risk when using it. These acid products are often used in chemical peels to help remove the first layer of skin. It has been known to reduce acne, erase scarring and to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Still, this natural product does have some things that the user should be knowledgeable about to use glycolic acid safely. First, most people are relieved to know that the side effects of using a product with glycolic acid is rather minimal. One of the most common reported problems is a bit of redness after a glycolic acid peel. The redness only lasts for a short time, and the skin may feel a bit rough after having the first layer exfoliated. This is completely natural when using this product and it is the feeling of the old skin peeling away and new skin growing in its place. The new skin will be a pinkish color and should be free of any brown spots, acne scars and other imperfections. To minimize the redness you can start with a low acid concentration and build up to a higher strength.

Glycolic acid is very safe for all different skin types

It offers great benefits with very little downside. It is safe to use glycolic acid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Many wonder if there is a chance that they will be allergic to this form of acid. This can be especially concerning for those who have sensitive skin. When formulating these products Dr. Craig Austin’s kept those with sensitive skin in mind. Cane+Austin uses organic glycolic acid that has been refined in American labs to ensure it has the proper purity. If you aren't using Cane+Austin products you might have an allergic reaction if non-pure glycolic acid was used - be careful when choosing glycolic acid products. If you are using prescription strength glycolic acid it is more common to experience irritation than those using a product with 30% or lower concentration. It is recommended to allow the skin to adjust to the acid peels by starting with a lower concentration and then gradually working up to higher applications. The skin may be a bit dry after doing a glycolic peel, but some moisturizer can help until the new skin forms. It is safe to do use the correct strength glyolic acid pads once or twice a day. Many people love the effects of the glycolic acid peels and may be tempted to overdo it. The skin needs time to rest after this process. It is best to gradually build up your use of glycolic acid pads. Using new makeup or facial products that have never been used before might aggravate the new super exfoliated skin. To be safe it is best not to try anything new or extreme while using the glycolic acid pads. For those who are skeptical about the power of a glycolic acid chemical peel, its best to use a small area and do a spot test. If the spot becomes aggregated, then it should not be used again. A spot test can make it easy to determine how the peels will work and allow a person to avoid any unnecessary complications. It’s really a straight forward procedure and using quality skincare products, like Cane+Austin product line, can ensure that the end result is favorable. Not all skin care products are created equal. Remember that quality is also very important in producing an end result.
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