How Glycolic Acid Helps Stretch Marks

The Exfoliation Power of Glycolic Acid

Most people don’t understand that glycolic acid is an exfoliating substance by nature. Even though it is considered to be a chemical exfoliation, the exfoliation is done manually. During the process, the skin cells that are on the top layer are eradicated. This allows the bottom layer of the skin to shine through. This layer is usually free from any damaged cells and allows a fresh coat of skin to be brought to life. It removes the impurities from the skin and stimulates healing. It absorbs quickly into the skin, and since it’s applied directly, it stimulates healing. Stretch marks penetrate two layers of skin. Acne scars only penetrate the first layer. The real problem of stretch marks lies within the second layer. Even if the first layer of skin is removed with this natural acid, the second layer can also be reached with this product. The goal is to have the first layer appear flawless. This will conceal the problems that occur within the other layer of skin. Glycolic acid can cause changes to your underlying collagen resulting in more youthful appearing skin.


First Layer of Skin Is Rejuvenated and Bye Bye Stretch Marks

The appearance of the stretch mark will be gone, as the first and second layers have been treated with glycolic acid. The top layer of skin will show as rejuvenated and youthful. So that means for all those people who avoid swimsuit season because of their unsightly stretch marks, they can go shopping again for the clothes of their choice with confidence. Buying a glycolic acid product may be a hard choice, as there are many on the market. Always choose a product that has at least 10% strength. There are some products that are available in 50% strengths, but these are prescription strength done by dermatologists and not able to be bought over the counter. One has to be careful with these products; they are powerful and have the ability to really restore the faultless look of the first layer of skin. Dr. Craig Austin is an expert in the field of skin care. His products use state of the art technology to create a skin care line that women all over the world can utilize. Many people have found his formulas can change their lives. With his glycolic acid skin care line, it is possible to remove scaring and imperfections from the skin, leaving a healthy and vigorous appearance.
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