How To Do Glycolic Acid Peel At Home

Your skin can be refreshed using glycolic acid to remove years from your appearance. This acid aids in exfoliation and the production of collagen. People, who have ongoing problems with acne, and the production of oil and control of sebum, can also benefit from this acid. Even scars left behind can be erased. When used for a few months’ duration, glycolic acid can be an excellent tool to fight wrinkles as an anti-aging formula. It is pretty simple to do glycolic treatments in the privacy of your home. For acne scarring, it is recommended to use a strong percentage of glycolic acid because it is better at exfoliating. A low percentage of 10 to 20% is usually recommended for first time users. The percentage can gradually be increased to 30 and then 50%, as the users' skin gets used to it. It can be harmful if the user does not give the skin some adjustment times between increases of the glycolic acid percentages. Glycolic acid is powerful and should be respected - please don't overuse it.

There are five simple steps to doing a glycolic peel in the comfort of home:

  1. Start out by thoroughly washing the skin area.
  2. Take one of the glycol acid pads and gently dab the pad around on your face.
  3. Follow the instructions of the Cane+Austin’s product regarding time limit and set a timer. It is imperative to allow the skin to gradually build a tolerance, so be mindful and do not go over recommended time limit.
  4. Use clean water to wash your face when the time is finished. You can also use a solution of baking soda and water. Just have it premixed and ready for use immediately after your timer goes off. It is even ok to skip this step and leave the glycolic acid on your face.
  5. Use a clean towel to gently pat the face dry and use a gentle moisturizer that is free of fragrance. Facial toners usually have mild acidic properties of their own and should not be used after the glycolic acid treatment. There are several homemade toner recipes on line, such as for rosewater, that are not acidic and may be used if one wants a toner.
You can repeat this home process every other day but most people do it daily or twice a day for the fastest results. To be safe especially if you have sensitive skin you might want to start with every other day and increase the use of your glycolic acid over time since it is powerful super exfoliator. After the glycolic acid peel, the new layer of skin that is exposed may be more sensitive. The use of a gentle moisturizer and toner can help when applied after the treatment. You should see changes in your skin almost immediately from using glycolic pads. Your skin will start to look healthier and your pores will be shrinking in just a few days. Within one to two weeks acne will start to clear up. If you have scarring or fine lines those will be a memory in about in two to three weeks. To protect the power of your glycolic acid it should be stored in a place that is dry and cool in your home. The sun can oxidize the product which will neutralize its power. Water can also neutralize the power so keep your home supply in a safe place.

Dermatologist Office Skin Peels

If you are looking for the highest strength glycolic acid, only a doctor or dermatologist is qualified to perform those skin peels. Clients visiting the doctor’s office will find that glycolic acid peels are effective and fast. It only needs to be on your skin for a few minutes, since dermatologist formulas have 50% or higher glycolic acid concentration. They are so quick; many clients are getting face peels on their lunch breaks and call them “lunch peels”.

Glycolic Acid Peels At Home

Better results can be gained from the skin peels done at a dermatologist’s office, since it is a higher concentration. However, the price is considerably higher as well. There are glycolic acid peels that users can buy and use at home, such as Dr. Craig Austin’s Cane+Austin glycolic acid pads. His product line has many amazing skin peels that will work wonders for those with skin imperfections.
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