Skin Tone Vs. Texture

Even skin tone and a smooth texture are two important qualities of skin health. Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin or pigment we have. Skin texture refers to our skin’s surface condition. Ideally, skin should be soft with a smooth, even texture, but it’s not uncommon to have skin that feels coarse and irregular.  

Skin Tone:

Skin tone can become uneven for a number of reasons. Skin blotches, pigmentation, dark patches, and age spots are all conditions where pigment is unevenly distributed, giving our skin a dull and splotchy tone. Healthy and nourished skin tone is bright and luminous.


Uneven skin texture not only feels unpleasant, it makes skin look dull. Sun exposure causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin that gives skin its smooth texture and resiliency. Sun damage hurts skin texture slowly and is not highly visible right away. Exposure to too much sun will cause a person’s skin texture to become leathery and rough over time.   Aging is another common cause of irregular skin texture. With aging, surface skin cells aren’t shed as rapidly, causing dead skin cells to build up and skin to appear dry and blotchy. Dry and dehydrated skin also affects its texture, causing skin to feel less velvety to the touch, making it hard to apply cosmetics smoothly.


A Healthy Skin Routine:

Achieving healthy, even looking skin is an ongoing process. It takes a strict regimen and an awareness of what might be working against you. Yet, routine is only part of the equation, because the products you actually use on your skin are just as important as how often you use them.   For smooth skin and better skin texture, all of your beauty care products should have a liberal amount of antioxidants. Look for those that contain antioxidants in the forms of vitamins A, C and E. Exfoliating is another must when seeking soft and even skin. Most importantly, practicing safe sun care both prevents damage and recovers skin that has already suffered.   Improving skin texture and tone can be discouraging, but the simple answer is that a solid skin care routine has no substitute. The truth is if you treat your skin properly, many skin imbalances clear themselves.
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