frequently asked questions

general knowledge

Can Glycolic Acid be used during the day?

Yes. Glycolic Acid is not a photo sensitizer and will actually reverse hyper-pigmentation.

How do I use both the Glycolic Pads and the Glycolic Moisturizer?

On clean skin, wipe the face, throat and chest area with the chosen pad. Wait 5-10 minutes and follow with the Facial Moisture Cream.

Can Glycolic Acid be used in conjunction with Retin-A?

Yes. Glycolic Acid will help with cell turnover and reduce any dryness or flakiness that may occur from use of Retin-A. It is recommended to always use an SPF.

Can Glycolic Acid be used in conjunction with Acutane?

It is recommended to consult a physician.

Can Glycolic Acid be used with Rosacea?

It is recommended to consult a physician.

Can Glycolic Acid be used while pregnant?

It is recommended to consult a physician.

Can the Facial Glycolic Pads be used pre makeup application?

Yes. The Glycolic Pads will help to even out skin texture and bring a radiant glow back to skin.

Can the Facial Glycolic Pads be used pre self-tanning?

Yes. The Glycolic Pads are ideal for use prior to self tanning, as they will help to remove any dry surface skin that could lead to an uneven self tan.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, Cane+Austin never tests products on animals.


Are Cane+Austin products recommended for dry skin conditions like eczema and keratosis polaris?

Yes. Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecules of any AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which helps it penetrate deep into skin. It also attracts water—both from skin’s lower levels and from the air— for truly superior hydration. All Cane+Austin Glycolic products are considered great for dry skin, and are recommended to treat dry skin conditions like eczema and keratosis polaris.

Can Cane+Austin treatment pads be used with my regular beauty regimen?

Yes. However, all Cane+Austin Glycolic products exfoliate skin and encourage cell turnover. For this reason, it is best to avoid using additional exfoliation (such as a scrub or sonic brush) in combination with Cane+Austin pads, as they may cause irritation. Instead, try using a scrub as part of your morning routine and Cane+Austin pads at night—or vice versa. Some customers even prefer to alternate days they use the pads with days they use a scrub or brush.

When should I apply Cane+Austin treatment pads?

After using any Cane+Austin treatment pad, skin will be wet for a few minutes. We recommend that Cane+Austin treatment pads be applied first to a clean face, and that skin be allowed to dry completely before applying the other products in your skincare routine.

Are Cane+Austin products ideal for all skin types?

Yes. Cane+Austin Glycolic Acid products are clinically proven to treat a variety of skin types. They restore balance to oily skin and provide deep hydration to dry skin. The products are also interchangeable, making them perfect for those with combination skin. The Acne Retexture Pad can be added and removed from the skin routine based on individual need. Cane+Austin products are also compatible with the skin care products you already use.

Is the tingling sensation and/or redness I experience when using Cane & Austin products normal?

A slight tingling feeling and some redness after use is a normal, healthy sensation of Cane+Austin Glycolic products. It is a sign that the product is working to exfoliate, moisturize and restore luminosity to skin. With continued use, the tingling and redness should decrease, and may even subside altogether. In the event that you experience any pain or burning, simply splash water on your face or body to neutralize the Glycolic Acid.

How often should I use Cane+Austin treatment pads?

All Cane+Austin treatment pads may be used twice daily, but many people experience great results with just one use per day