Sleep is the body’s time to repair itself from the stress of the day. When you sleep in your makeup, you are not giving your skin a chance to recover from the hormonal insults and the harmful free radicals one battles throughout the workday.
It is true that the more often you sleep with your makeup on, the more damage your skin will sustain over time, but even just the rare occasion can have negative effects on skin tone and texture.

So if you’re into clear skin and a youthful complexion, you might want to think twice before crawling into bed without a clean and cleansed face.

Sleeping in your makeup can cause….


Clogged pores and blackheads, are formed when dead skin cells, oil and makeup get trapped in the pores and suffocate the skin. At night, the skin’s most important function is to renew itself. Wearing makeup and foundation to bed prevents the renewal process and retains the bacteria that results in acne. More acne tends to lead to more makeup to aid in cover-up. But if you give your face a break at night from all that dirt and grime, skin begins to regulate and maintain its natural balance that keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.


Premature Aging

Your skin acts as a barrier against the environment, and when it’s healthy, it can regulate itself accordingly. When makeup, dirt, and oil are left on skin overnight, they form a film and can trap environmental pollutants and free-radicals that can damage skin cells, including collagen, leading to premature skin aging.

Cosmetic Casualties

Did you realize that sleeping with your foundation leads to dull, dry and clogged skin?  Adding insult to injury, leaving various eye and lip cosmetics on overnight also comprises the condition of accompanying skin.

Chapped lips are the worst. Plus, cracked, flaky lips are not the surface you look for when applying gloss or lipstick. Lip-color depletes skin’s natural moisture levels and creates a cracking pout when left on after hours. Similarly, leftover mascara, can also cause the eyelashes to become irritated, brittle and break easily. An actual nightmare.

Steps to prevent you from sleeping in your makeup…  


Routines and regimens are critical for your skin’s health. And while there may be an occasional slip-up, there are a handful of helpful remedies to repair skin’s health after a night of neglect.

The first step in recovery? Start fresh. After sitting all night, makeup can be more stubborn to remove from deep within pores. Wash twice. Nothing beats a classic soap-and-water cleanse followed by an exfoliating scrub to draw out any additional toxins. Pat dry and let your skin breath for as long as your schedule permits.

Restoring moisture in your skin and adding back vital nutrients is the final step in caring for your skin after a night of misbehaving. Cane + Austin’s Facial Moisture Cream with 10% Glycolic Acid is the perfect solution to your late night makeup mistake. Glycolic Acid is proven to encourage healthy skin cell turnover & even skin texture, resulting in a hydrated and lush complexion. Everything your skin needs, in one silky, replenishing product.