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Ammonium Hydroxide

What is Ammonium Hydroxide

Ammonium hydroxide commonly called ammonia is a simple solution of ammonia and water. It is a common household item that is used as cleaner. Ammonia is a magic solution that can be used for variety of purposes. From removal of cloth stains to fireplace cleaning ammonia can do wonders for your house. Some of the applications of ammonia are as follows:

  • As a common household item ammonia is diluted and sold in combination with other cleaning agents. It is one of the most used cleaning items in home. It is also sold as cloudy ammonia which is ammonia diluted with soap. Ammonia alone can also be used as a strong cleaning agent and is used in most of window cleaning products.
  • Once added to tannic acid ammonia produces a strong dark color. This is the idea behind the use of compound for furniture darkening. The process involves ammonia sealing with the furniture containing tannic acid. The reaction of two compounds causes the wood to turn dark. It is especially done with the furniture made of wood.
  • It is used to preserve food and other edible substances. FDA recognizes ammonia as generally harmless and allows the preservation of food with it. It is a strong antimicrobial agent and therefore used for food and perishable goods transportation.
  • Housewives also use ammonia to repel moths and other similar pesky creatures. The diluted ammonia is used to clean the drawers. Air drying is also important so the drawers and cupboard shall remain open once the process has been completed.

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