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Caprylyl Glycol

What is Caprylyl Glycol ?

Caprylyl Glycol also known as 1, 2 – Octanediol is a skin conditioning agent. The compound has also used a solvent for preservatives. According to some dermatologists, Glycol is harmful to the skin so the products having it as ingredient should be avoided. Some examples of Caprylyl Glycol are Propylene, Butylene, and Hexylene. It is mainly used in baby products, bath soaps, eye makeup and hair care products. It has penetrating properties due to which it performs antimicrobial activities once applied. It is soluble in water and this property enhances as the carbon chain length decrease. It has white semi-solid appearance with 30 – 35C melting point.

It is alcoholic in nature and is derived from Caprylic acid. The main source is, therefore, milk of some mammals as well as coconut oil. It is a multitasking compound that is known to increase the life of products due to its antimicrobial activities. As effective conditioner and moisturizer skin care products are considered incomplete without it. It has been thoroughly tested for the efficacy against protection from certain skin germs. It is hydroxyl in nature and has a mild odor. Among the Glycol range, Caprylyl Glycol is the one that is considered to be safe and secure for the skin.

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