>What is Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate

What is Sodium Benzoate

Sodium benzoate is widely used in food and skin care industry. The making of the compound is simple as a reaction of sodium hydroxide and benzoic acid is required to make this salt like substance. As a food preservative prevents fungus and bacteria under all acidic environments. Food items such as vinegar and carbonated drinks contain healthy amount of sodium benzoate. In cosmetics industry it is used as a preservative. Medical uses include urea cycle disorder treatment as the compound has the ability to combine with amino acids. As a result the ammonia level is decreased and the amino acids are excreted out.

Some of the major uses are listed as follows:

  • Microorganism growth is put to a hiatus by the use of this compound
  • It is a safer as compared to other preservatives in the market
  • When used as a preservative agent there are no side effects of it
  • It increases shelf life of products containing water such as creams and conditioners

The only problem with sodium benzoate is its reaction with Vitamin C and E to form carcinogen which is harmful for health. There is a very huge list of cosmetic companies using sodium benzoate in their products. From shampoos to bubble bath and baby products the compound use is all time high as it is FDA approved.

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