Self-tanners work beautifully to give you great looking bronzed skin….without the wrinkles and age spots you’d get from the sun. By knowing how to apply them, you can rely on sunless-tanners to gain a glow whenever you want it. However, most people don’t realize how important preparation is in the process.

Start out Smooth:

The first step to a sunless glow? Even skin. If you want a smooth tan, you have to have a smooth surface! Exfoliate a day before application and with a product containing Glycolic Acid.

Exfoliators shouldn’t be intimidated by the burn risk suggested by the “acid” moniker—the ingredient helps to dissolve oil and sebum at the top layer of your skin, wear away dead cells, and effectively fade spots by evening out the scar and fading the discoloration.

Start in the shower with Cane + Austin’s Face & Body Retexture Scrub, clinically proven to strip the skin and stabilize it’s tone. Micro-beads gently wash away rough, dry skin, regulating and prepping it for a bronzed tint. Stack the scrub with our Rexture Pads, available for both the body and face and ideal for all skin types.

Stay hydrated:
Do exfoliate, but don’t go totally dry. Once your skin is cleansed, make sure to moisturize. Dehydrated skin is more prone to streaking, so don’t forget to saturate it post shed, making extra precaution to get your elbows, knees, ankles and hands.

Application Advice:

Be an artist. Self tanner application is a lot like painting and you can dial in the color you want by putting more or less product on your skin. Work in sections to ensure even application. Feet to knees; knees to thighs; stomach and chest; arms; back; neck. If one area gets too dark, all is not lost. There are plenty of products out there that can help correct color overdose.

The top layer of your skin absorbs the self-tanner. But it naturally sheds in order to give way to new skin, so following the days after application you’ll notice some fading. Prolong your color by using a hydrating lotion daily.

Always remember:
The safest way to tan is to leave UV rays out of the equation! A golden tan can wipe years off your complexion and trim inches from your waistline. But even the most pricey tanner won’t look natural on your skin if you don’t apply it correctly.

Remember, self-tanner color does not give you any sun protection, so always follow safe sun practices when subjected to UV light.