>>Glycolic Glow Set

Glycolic Glow Set

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Face and Body Glycolic Acid Scrub- 2 oz + Retexturizing Body Pads- 60 count + Carry-all bag.

With the Cane + Austin Glycolic Glow set your worries of dry and dull winter skin are over.  This dynamic duo will target not only proper exfoliation on your entire body, but will also help with acne and uneven skin tone on the face and body.

Glycolic Body Pads with 10% glycolic acid are designed to exfoliate, even skin tone + reduce acne on the back, chest, arms.

Face + Body Glycolic + Salicylic acid scrub will work overtime to provide superior exfoliation and hydrate the skin while minimizing pores and targeting acne and renewing your dull and dry skin.

Expert Tips:
Use body pads before self- tanning for flawless even color.  Focus on dry knees, ankles + bumps on the arms known as Keratosis Pilaris.



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