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“I’ve been using these glycolic pads daily as a part of my night time regimen. I’ve noticed an improvement in my pores and fine lines. I tend to have clogged pores around my chin so these have helped reduced breakouts and keep my pores clear.”
“I’m an African American female so I have to be careful with what products I use on my skin. I have used Proactive for years and all of a sudden it stopped working. So, I now use Dr. Austin’s Acne Pads and it has done wonders. I don’t have as many breakouts and the pigmentation on my face has evened out. I love these pads!”
“I have suffered with acne for many years Acne Treatment Pads have kept my acne under control by reducing redness and diminishing my scars. I rarely wear make-up anymore and to my surprise, people tell me I have amazing skin when in reality, these pads manage it. So simple and yet so effective, the pads have truly made a difference in my skin and my confidence.”
“My skin is sensitive/oily and acne prone…Since using the products, I have noticed less breakouts and my skin is not as oily. The glycolic pads truly make a difference. Thank you, Dr. Austin, for this great skin care regiment.”
“I’ve been using the Glycolic pads 10% for a few months and have noticed a big difference in my skin. Brown spots have faded and the overall clarity of my skin has improved. They are quick and easy to use, which is perfect for my busy lifestyle.”
“I have been using Dr. Austin’s products for almost a year… Since I have been using his products I have notice that I have less wrinkles, a smoother texture to my skin and a more even look to my complexion. I am very satisfied with the results that I am having from using his products.”
“Simply the Best – I have tried countless face scrubs, these wipes are the BEST I have ever used. A few wipes across the face and neck and your skin is revitalized.”
“I am an employee of the #1 selling cosmetic line in our cosmetics department. I was recently introduced to your Retexturizing pads and they far exceed any treatment that we carry behind our counter. The ability to transform my skin is AMAZING!”

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