Buying skin care products these days can be confusing. One ingredient that has created quite a buzz and often is in the news is glycolic acid. Some say it’s one of the most versatile ingredients that is being used today. Sure, there are many success stories from erasing acne scars and stopping a breakout in its tracks, but what is glycolic acid and what are the benefits of using it?

Understanding glycolic acid?

The term alpha hydroxy acid is often seen on labeling, and glycolic acid is one of the many types of this kind of acid. They can be found in dairy products, some fruits and sugar cane. The use of glycolic acid in skin care is quickly growing these days because of its great results. From chemical peels to acne removal products, one doesn’t have to look too hard to find it in on an ingredient list. So many products do use this in the ingredient mix; however, the concentration is much too small to be effective. A glyolic acid product must have a strong enough concentration for a person to receive their desired results.

One of the major advantages to this product is that it has an uncanny ability to penetrate and get into the skins surface. As it goes to work on the cells beneath the outer layer, it promotes collagen production. This allows the skin to be firmer and have a more youthful appearance. Additionally, the production of collagen reduces the unsightly appearance of lines and wrinkles that most women deal with. The properties of glycolic acid make it a great product to use for hyperpigmentation, as well as acne scarring and brown age spots. These treatments would typically have to be done in a spa or clinic that allows them to use higher concentrations.

Who Can Benefit From Glycolic Acid?

There are many people who use and benefit from glycolic acid. First, those who are fighting acne will notice an intense reduction in their acne breakouts. There are lots of products on the market that promise great results, but unless they really attack the problem, they are not going to take care of the unsightly acne. Acne forms on the first layer of skin when oils and dirt mix together. They imbed into the pores and cause trouble. Cane+Austin’s glycolic acid peels can remove all the oil, dead skin and dirt from the face leaving a soft and smooth appearance. To stop acne, one must remove the breeding ground in which it can grow.

Other people who love this acid are those who have skin scarring. Glycolic acid goes deep into the skin and causes collagen to be produced. This allows those that have scars that are unsightly to be erased and new collagen to fill in any areas. The end result is a blemish that is faded and hardly noticeable. The same goes for those who suffer with stretch marks. The acid will erase the damage on the first level which is visible, and it will stimulate new collagen on the second level. Collagen will fill in those lines and wrinkles that develop with age. Brown spots are on the first level of skin, and they can be gone with glycolic acid pads too!

Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Many people think that going to an expensive store means they are getting quality products. The store doesn’t guarantee quality. Dr. Craig Austin uses his knowledge as a certified & experienced dermatologist to craft the best glycolic acid products. He knows what it takes to create a skin care product that can heal these imperfections on the skin. Whether a person is looking to cleanse, moisturize or treat the skin, Cane+Austin has products available for every age and skin type around.