A revelation in at-home skincare.

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Print Mentions

Summer Must-Haves

“Stop scrubbing! Instead, sweep skin with a glycolic-acid wipe…”
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Beauty Tips, Tips, Tips

“..apply a glycolic acid moisturizer a few times daily to gently slough away dead skin cells.”
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Anti-Aging Special

“I used to over excitedly exfoliate every morning. But now that I stick to a gentle glycol acid peel twice a week, my skin is more radiant.”
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February 2014

Beauty Q&A

Bad bouts of body acne have left me with dark spots on my chest and back. Help! …three times a week apply a moisturizer that contains glycolic or lactic acid (or swipe skin with a pad presoaked in them).”

May 2013

What’s Your Skin’s Winter Personality?

Acne-Busting Therapy: Exfoliate each night to remove pore-clogging flakes….(Cane and Austin’s, right, is gentle enough to use daily).”
Acne Retexture Pad$60.00Shop Now ››

The Repair Shop

Tools to treat every inch of your skin. The first step to flawless skin: Keeping it clean yet – here’s the tricky part – also soft and supple.”
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The Gym Bag

Exfoliating Body Wipes: Just a few swipes with a glycolic- and witch-hazel-infused pad prevents annoying ‘bacne’ breakouts after a morning Spin class.”

Online Features

Exfoliants for Born-Again Skin

“People prone to body breakouts, or anyone reluctant to slather on fragrant oils and rich creams will gravitate toward this light scrub.” Read it here.

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Cane+Austin featured in Elle

“Besides protective green tea and nourishing vitamins, Cane Austin’s new Retexturing Cream contains glycolic acid to exfoliate and brighten.” Read it here.

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Cane+Austin Featured on Glamour.com's Lipstick

Medicine Cabinet Confidential

“They’re so gentle that you could use them twice a day every day if you like! And they’re a great product for anyone who suffers from sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.” Read it here.

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Video Reviews

NewBeauty Magazine – 4 At-Home Chemical Peels For Your Face & Body

NewBeauty Magazine reviewer Susan Yara features Cane+Austin as one of the “four different brands to try for your face and body…along with their ‘tingle’ factor.”

SkinCareRx – Friday Favorites: The Daily Splash®

Kianna Oasay reviews the Cane+Austin 10% Retexture Pad and 10% Body Retexture Pad. “When I think of products that have dramatically changed my skin, Cane+Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads are at the top of my list. The 10% Glycolic Acid exfoliates away all skin imperfections, leaving the skin radiant.”

Shop NBC – ShopBeauty Host Pick

Dr. Austin visits Christine of ShopNBC to speak about the Cane+Austin Retexturizing Pads. “My concept of my skincare line was really to bring home to the patient what he would get in a dermatologist’s office for a more affordable and a much more convenient price.”

Model’s Corner – Blemish Busters

Tia Ward wittily features Cane+Austin as apart of her skincare routine for fighting spots. “This stuff actually gets to work on breaking down the glue that holds your skin together. That sounds a bit deadly but it works to loosen up scarring, fine lines, and break down the bacteria that acne thrive on.”